SEOTOOLADDA only provide refunds when our tools did not work for more than 2 days. We provide safe groupbuy with 95% uptime guaranteed and Also, we have special conditions to give refunds to our customers. If you have purchased a package (Blogger plan or Group Seo plan), In this case, if any primary tool will not work more than 2 days, then you can initiate a refund. If any secondary tools do not work in your package, then you can complain about it via live chat, but you can not initiate a refund for that. However, if you have purchased any tool individually and it didn't work more than 3 days, you can easily take the refund. There will be no refund if our tool limits get ended, you have to wait till limit refresh again. All refunds are partial. We will not refund gateway charges. Also, we will cut the amount of your usage and refund you rest of the money. There will be no refund if your account get ban or you do not use our service.