General Rules For All User

All general terms which user ignore and get ban and after ban may be your account is permanently disabled without refund. So please don't ignore.

  1. We never allow accessing our website source code.
  2. We never allow to use cookies manager extension if you want to use then remove our extension and logout form seotooladda Or We recommend create a new user on browser for Our SEO Product.
  3. SEOTOOLADDA not allow you to share account access with any 2nd user (no matter friend, family or office colleague). "One account, one user access". If you share access then the account will be automatically blocked by our system.
  4. Also never allow multiple logins don't matter you have 2 Pc or 3 PC or More your own pc. If you want to use on your second PC then buy another account not use the same account otherwise you will get ban with our system.
  5. Seotooladda has the right to change product, price and validity of any service at any time.
  6. Multiple logins from same IP (using a proxy or same ISP, VPS, VPN, RDP and Other) in the same day can result in account suspension.
  7. Seotooladda has rights to send you a notification via Email / SMS to your registered number/email regarding new offers or for other information purposes.
  8. We will provide a refund only when our service not work for more than 3 days. There will be no refund if your account get ban or you do not use our service. Also, there will be no refund if our tool limits get ended, you have to wait till limit refresh again.
  9. There no refund if you contact after 30 days on order placement date. Don't matter you not received product or your account is not active or you not able to use.
  10. You can't use one account on different ISP or Location. You have to purchase two accounts to access from home and office. If you try to use one account from a different location, you will be permanently banned from our platform.
  11. Seotooladda Must Reguired Anydesk ID for Technical Support Otherwise We Unable to help you
  12. If You get ban or suspend then we take 24 hours MIN And 2-3 Days Max time to review your account.
  13. Don't use our tools for bulk because we provide our tools for single person and personal use. And only 15 Domains And Keywords allow on ahrefs